I always had a thought that the pictures I take using my Nokia 6600 dont do justice to the actual colors in my garden. So this time I had one of my friend bring his camera and went on a photo spree….

Here is a chrysanthemum flower.if you thought those are big flowers you must re-look the pic again. Its a teeny weeny dwarf chrysanthemum on Macro mode. Chrysanthemum usually bloom in bunches and If i had ‘pinched’ it properly at the right time, I will have a living bouquet in my garden by now:)

MyGarden 034

This rose plant here was so dull and wilted because of lack of fertilization and care. To be very honest, I used a chemical fertilizer called Miracle gro Food spikes. They are slow release fertilizers lasting upto 2 months and it contains all the macro and micro nutrients that are essential for plants . I think its worth it

MyGarden 004

This is an ‘Orange’ rose and my attempt on macro mode photography and I think the rose by its beauty has eclipsed my photography mistakes.

MyGarden 038

Last week I have been working on seed starting tomatoes, chilli and egg plant (white). I will cover on those another day.


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6 Responses

  1. Flowers so beautiful…. Love to have a mini rose garden at my place. Will contact you for guaidance 🙂

  2. My friend has a damask rose (Paneer rose) plant. She has obliged to get it for me from her place abroad.
    She said that she will remove the plant from root, remove all the mud, bind it with wet kitchen towel and will keep in the plastic bag and the very next day she will give it to me for planting.
    What is your guidance on this is this the right way. Is this called root stock transport? Need your reply by 1st June.

  3. Dear GG,
    I wish to start a garden.Please could help me. I would like visit your garden and meet you for tips and guidance on how to begin gardening.
    Can I visit you during the weekend.Kindly let me know how to contact you.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ruby Roy

  4. Just want to say I enjoy reading your plant growing blog – it’s down to earth, entertaining and informative. Am a beginning gardener, started by growing flowers, now going into edibles. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

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