I am very happy to let you all know that I am getting married to Vinitha this Sunday, Mar 22nd. Please grace the occasion with your wishes.

I will be active back on gardening/blogging after April 5th.



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  1. Hi gg,
    Thats great, Congrats!
    Gardening will be more fun after marriage. Wish you a very happy married life.
    Have a lot to share about my recent visit to my native town, once you return.
    Bye for now.

  2. To gg and Vinitha,
    Wishing you both a very happy married life..

    Hope she too shares your interest in gardening 🙂

    with best wishes,

  3. Congratulations! Casa de Piatra! That means “stone home”. It reffers to stability of your marriage.

    Best wishes and happy honeymoon!

  4. @Ewa, fungardener, allygeorge, geetha,chandramouli, arundati and silvia.

    Thanks a lot for your wishes and greetings. Happy gardening. 🙂

    • Thanks Mahesh and Happy gardening to you too.

      How are those saplings you got from DOH?

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