I am so excited to post about my training tomorrow. I am attending a 3-day training on “Hydroponics” in bangalore. I will get to meet lots of like minded folks and more to learn.

Another best thing is the training venue is Lalbagh.

Will post about my experience there in the coming days


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  1. Hi gg,

    Is the training open to anyone or do we have to pay to get in ? I stay close to lalbagh and would love to attend too …

    Waiting for your reply

    • Good question.

      Its is open to anyone who loves gardening. And we have to pay for it.. If I say the price you will declare that I am insane. Its 10K.


  2. Hi,

    I’ve been growing tomato in my balcony. And most of the older leaves turning to pale green/yellow. I read that it could be due to lack of Nitrogen – I’ve been feeding my plants only with Vermicompost and Organic Manure, and once in a week with some neem cake and panchaghavya. Is there any Nitrogen rich organic substance (like blood meal) that I can use as a manure? BTW, I am not able to find any store where I can get Bloodmeal in Bangalore. Any help you can provide will help my plants to stay healthy.


  3. Hi GG,

    10k is surely lots of money. But then as they say ‘not everything can be measured in terms of money’. Best of luck to you.
    One question: Do you know where in b’lore we can oyster mushroom spawns ? Of course for retail purchase..


    • Hi KG,

      Thanks for the wishes. I think DoH has those spawns. They are give training on mushrooms often. Check it out.


  4. Hi gg,

    Thanks very much on the post on Hydroponics. I was planning to attend their training and now I have decided not to, thanks to your unfortunate experiences!


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