Haa..With a title like this, you might have clicked it immediately to witness some beautiful indian bombshells… if you did so, dont worry ..

It happens..

Nevertheless, the cuties of this post won’t dissapoint you.

Remember, last sunday I had sown some seeds, its time to check their progress.

First came French marigold in record time of 3 days.( actually I could see the cotyledons in 2 days).

MyGarden 267MyGarden 266

While I was closely observing all these seedlings, something just caught my attention.. There is one seedling with 3 cotyledons.. ( Tricotyledons??!). May be its a ‘sport’. Anyways here it is for your viewing pleasure. Carefully look at the seedling in the bottom of the picture below.

MyGarden 263

Here is coleus with its teeny weeny seedlings, with a wide smile on their face.

MyGarden 268MyGarden 259

The Ornamental Chillies are slow to come. While I am writing this blog, few of them have germinated. But thats for someother day. They just missed the train when the photo shoot was happening.. ;).

Have a lot to share about the training I attended. May be in the coming posts…


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  1. Hi GG,

    Congratulations. No less than bombshells!!

    Just a few questions.
    1. Where do we get these seeding containers from ?
    2. What’s the routine for sunlight & water for these containers prior to this stage and for the next few days?

    This weekend I bought plastic glasses (normal sugar cane juice size) and used them for sowing few vegetable seeds.Hope they do ok in that.
    But am not very sure of the sunlight and water regimen to follow. Can you help?

    Meanwhile, seeds of cucumber,okra and one saag varitiy which i has sowed on 2nd have all germinated and are doing well. Will upload their pics in my blog soon. (http://rajsmusings.wordpress.com/starte-work-on-my-kitchen-garden/)

    One more news is, The Karnataka Compost Factory in kudlu gives free home delivery of composts for very economical price. Last weekend i got a 25kg bag of compost for just Rs.100/- from them. I felt they were very happy to get rid of a small chunk from their huge pile of stock more than anything else.


    • Hi kg,
      You get these containers from many places. . As a matter of fact, I do stock some number too ;).

      For your next question. I water these seedlings everyday if and only if the media is less moist. I dont let them dry though. If it starts to dry a little at the top then I water them. For Sunlight, the moment these seedlings germinate, you need to bring them to sunlight..Esp morning sunlight. if you can keep them in indirect/partial sun great. That way the seedlings wont get lanky / tall in search of light.

      You can sow seeds almost in anything KG, creativity is your limit. People sow in egg shells too.. Waiting for your pictures of seedlings.. Let me know once you post.
      I heard of the Karnataka Compost Factory sometime back but never really found time to go that far and get it. But now that you said that, I have that temptation to try their compost.

      Hope I answered your questions.. if you got some more feel free to shoot..

  2. Hi gg,

    Thanks for all the information. Inspired by your blog I too have started posting updates on my blog 🙂 Hope it continues that way.

    Here it is (http://rajsmusings.wordpress.com/). Pics of the seedlings are also uploaded.
    Phone number of compost factory also is posted there. They give free home delivery. Hope that helps.

    Kitchen Gardener

    • Thanks a lot mouli,
      I just buy those seeds with the same picture that you have in mind. I think we gardeners have this special gift what say?…

  3. I would like to learn more about terrace gardening…I have 2 tomato plants.
    They started flowering but the flowers are falling. I don’t see any fruit.
    Please advice. My email is maviscdsouza@gmail.com. Would be grateful for
    your advice by email

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