This is what I have been waiting for. The amazing transformation. Its like a green signal light going yellow isn’t it?

This pic below was taken as part of my previous post on Yellow pear.

MyGarden 269

This is what the above became in couple of days. The first thing I did was to show my folks and they were speechless looking at this.

For us, the gardening folks this may not be a great thing to see ( though it kinda is). But there is this non-gardening kind. They go crazy looking at this bulb.( Atleast thats what my colleagues at work thought). The skin of the fruit becomes a little transparent yellow.

Look at this “Idea” bulb.

MyGarden 376

Its me holding that tomato, just to give an idea of the size.

MyGarden 373

Ok.. I can hear ya.. how did it taste?!!

I was expecting a very sweet tasting tomatoes,especially with the bars set so high by my old red cherry tomato plant. It was tasting sour. I am not sure if this is how it tastes. I will check with DoH folks. Also, I took it immediately it changed to yellow. Green->Yellow just took two days. May for the next truss, I will leave it on the plant for a week and taste it.(if they still remain in the plant).

more later..


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    • I will try to put up a catalog soon. But as of now, there is no catalog. I can share the seeds I have.


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