Its been more than a month since my last post. So what pushed me to write this post? Flowers in my garden…. They are so beautiful and vibrant that anyone will want to talk about them, write about them. Most of the flowers that you will see in this post were started from seed. I had blogged about the seed starting as well. I will end here.. over to my camera..

I always like the element of surprise when you sow a seed mix of flower and waiting for the flower to open to know the color.

When I saw this bud opening it looked like white “Ok!. We have a white aster”

MyGarden 361

Oh Wait.. May be not.. may be its a white with a purple lining

MyGarden 362

Uh oh wrong again.. Not white! I think its purple…

MyGarden 363

Oh not purple? Ok somewhere between blue and purple..

MyGarden 360MyGarden 349

Aster with a hair do…

MyGarden 417

Here comes the rose with its Dahlia like petals..

MyGarden 425

I get reminded of Icecream when I look at this rose flower.

MyGarden 426

Red rose buddies..

MyGarden 428

MyGarden 430

When I had been to the Lalbagh Flower Show, I picked up two carnation seedlings which were supposed to be Yellow and Pink as promised by the Dutiful shopkeeper. As always, both of them turned out to be Pink. No worries, pink is beautiful too :D.

MyGarden 443

In one of my previous posts, I had written about seed starting french marigolds, Tithonia and coleus. Its almost two months now since the day I sowed them. I will let the pictures speak about how happy the plants are …

Beauty-full tub..

MyGarden 457

After seeing these marigold flowers in the garden, my wife started singing the song “Genda Phool”

Orange and Lemon

MyGarden 461

Some double colors..

MyGarden 410MyGarden 468

Ha.. this flower needs some introduction. This is “Tithonia” aka Mexican sunflower. I planted this at the same time I did the marigolds and this one took longer and longer to grow let alone bloom. More I wait, taller it got. I now know why it took so long. Creating such a piece of art takes time.. long time.. Here is tithonia blooms for your viewing pleasure.

MyGarden 463MyGarden 464

MyGarden 466

I did it. Finally I was able to break a month’s silence. If not for the flowers which I have been busy nursing this post would not have seen daylight. Thanks to the flowers..

More later


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