Like every gardener, I too visualize a plant flowering and fruiting when I am buying their seeds. It was no different when I bought these yellow pear cherry tomato seeds.

With in no time, I had a whole bunch of pear tomatoes that I cant wait to post their pictures.

MyGarden 509

Well, this one comes with a cherry on top.Actually cherry tomato on top 😀

MyGarden 514MyGarden 511

With these kind of sweet tomatoes hanging in your plants, who needs ornamental plants?

They taste sweet but nothing like the red cherry tomato. I rank them 1st.

Right now, I am growing Imperial Black Beauty eggplants and I am eagerly looking forward for them to flower and fruit…

More later


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  1. GG – Those look just so cute. Am sure the gardener in you must be very happy.

    Regards and Happy gardening!!

  2. Yummy! I really loved my yellow cherry tomatoes this year. I searched and searched for a round variety and found one finally- very sweet and the skin in thin! Your tomatoes look so healthy and yummy! I look forward to seeing your eggplant too 🙂

    • Hi FG,

      Its actually a pretty tall plant that grew well in a pot. In a cluster there are around 7-8 friuts and there are several clusters of it. Nothing special w.r.t to fertilizing though. Mostly compost.


  3. GG, Thanks so much for stopping by! The ‘Beefsteak’ tomatoes are growing ni the greenhouse in the ground and the ‘New Girl’ are in a raised bed outside- I also have a BS in a pot outside the greenhouse :)- I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and great tomatoes!

  4. Hi Geek Gardener,
    Your name is nice 🙂 sounds rhyming to ‘Greek God’ :P. Jokes apart, I am just thinking to enter into the world of home gardening.. your posts are great but they sound very hi-fi to me. I want to know the ABCs of gardening to start off.. How do I start? Can u help..? Can I mail you to any of your email Ids..?

    • Hi Manjula,

      Welcome to my blog. I would have loved to be a ‘greek god’ but thats not in my hands. 😉
      Anyways.. Welcome to the world of home gardening. I don’t put too much of jargons in my posts but will try to make it simple as possible. Will also add a glossary sections for gardening terms.

      I will be more than happy to help folks like you to get started on gardening. I will send you my email id.

      Good luck.

    • Anil,

      Cool pics and a nice setup. I am working on a DWC setup too. Will post pics later. What is the variety of Cherry you got there? and how is the nutrients supplied to the containers.


  5. Cool pics that can inspire anyone to try their hand at vegetable gardening. You make it look too simple. I am sure it is not.
    I have been thinking of growing cherry tomatoes (or any that is available) in a container. I am stuck right at “where do I find seeds”. I am from Pune, do you know any place I can go and get vegetable seeds or saplings?

  6. Hi GG, 5-6 months back when i seriously started gardening on my roof top, I while google searching stopped by ur blog, and i really got lots and lots ( i should say loads and loads) of useful information.your blog inspired me a lot in establishment of my container edible gardening.
    wanted your help on my tomatoes actually my tomatoes plant started off very healthy till they flowered and after the fruits start forming the whole tomato plants turns dull, the fruits are there the plants are there quite alive but dull colourwise and healthwise, can you tell me the reason why?

  7. hello geekgardner….

    i am from mumbai…

    you are doing pretty well with ur plants…
    I am impressed, i always thought of doing stuff like this..
    And this year i have made it my new years resolution…

    WELL!! i am completely new to this and will need all the possible help…

    so, if u could mail me n we can keep in touch, i am all set to begin…


  8. Dear Geekgardener,

    I was looking for pear tomato seeds from quite a long time had visited many nurseries , can you pls guid me as to where can i find it??

    also pls suggest some place where i can find rare & difference varities of vegetable seeds

    Thanks in advance

  9. Ola people, wer can i get some pear tomatoe seeds. Im in Trivandrum, Kerala. Any infor will be helpful.

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