Long time no post! Offlate it is really difficult to find time to write a post with work taking most of my time. However, my plants do get their share of attention/time and as always in return they do what they are good at… yielding..

Daily, my morning time just flies by looking at the veggie garden especially keeping track of how many tomato plants started flowering and how many have set friuts. It is definitely a time well spent and joyful as well. With this post I am going to share the joy that I get every day! and Tempt some folks to start terrace gardening if they already haven’t started.

There are different kinds of tomato besides yellow pear ( enough has been written about them) that are growing in my container garden . Here they are one by one.


Before I speak anything about this variety, I have to thank Preethi, a gardening enthusiast and one of the regular visitor of this blog. It was so generous of her for sending me the seed packets from her collection. The seeds include the tomato varieties Maskotka and Balconi Red. Thank you so much Preethi.

Maskotka in clusters

MyGarden 564

Almost ready for picking.

MyGarden 565

From the plant to the plate

MyGarden 597

Balconi Red Tomato:

This is a dwarf and a compact tomato. It grows upto a maximum of a feet or even lesser than a feet. This variety has very small flowers and bears beautiful berries. Its a cherry tomato kind. Its a perfect plant for the kids to grow.

MyGarden 574MyGarden 577

Red cherry tomato:

I had grown red cherry tomato before and was impressed with its sweet tasting berries that my garden always has a red cherry growing. I am growing them in a 20L bucket. Though the tomato is small the plant is pretty huge. And this time, with proper care they are having very long trusses each having upto 20 berries. Its so beautiful to just look at. This is what is called a Fish bone arrangement. This plant has around 15 trusses each having 20. You do the math.

MyGarden 579MyGarden 580

Green Zebra:

This is a heirloom variety ( not really a heirloom considering the fact it was introduced in 1983). The tomato has white stripes in it and guess what it remains green. The indication of its ripening is goldening of the white stripes. Green is the new Red!!

MyGarden 581MyGarden 582

Stupice Early:

This variety originates from Czechoslovakia and thats not surprising about that. What is so special about it is, it has leaves that of a potato and not just that. It is known for its early yield. Check out the potato leaf like tomato leaf 😉

MyGarden 583MyGarden 557

I am not done yet. I am growing Beefsteak and Pink plum tomatoes now. They are in seedling stage. More on them later.

That’s a good meal for your eyes, isn’t it? Wait… here comes the dessert.

MyGarden 603

Happy gardening


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50 Responses

  1. Awesome as usual ! Question – does the plant grow flat or do you provide any support for these tomatoes to grow up ? And how about sunlight ? Does it need a lot of light ? We have just moved our tomato plants to the pots on the terrace and wondering if direct sunlight is a good idea or not.

    • Thanks Jayadeep. I grow both Indeterminate ( grows very tall 6+ feet) and Determinate ( bush type. grows upto 3 feet) varieties in my garden. I stake the tomatoes or train them using nylon wires. I will post a pic of a trained tomato that grew 7+ feet and still growing.
      Tomato plant needs lots of sunlight. 6-8 hours direct sunlight is good and is a must for good yield.

  2. Absolutely fantastic, there is a lot of difference in just growing the plants and growing them your way. You are a great gardener gg!
    I see some spray drops on your Maskotka plants, what that spray is? Do you face leaf miner problem on your tomato plants?

    • Hi Fg,

      Thats what I call a gardener’s eye. you had noticed it.The plant was infected with mealy bugs and I sprayed diluted soap solution mixed with little neem oil. I didn’t face leaf miner on tomato but mealy bugs were haunting them.

  3. Hi gg, It was a fruitful post after a gap…though i visit occasionally, it always stays fresh in my mind. I really love your site, photos and jealous on your garden ;)..I wish I could be your next door neighbor..hey to just to sneak not to carry away your fruits 🙂
    I wish i can do the same..Very inspiring..Keep going.
    Save the Mother Earth !!

    • HI Mahesh,

      Welcome back. Thanks for your nice words. Everyone can grow the veggies and its nothing special I am doing here. How are your friut tree saplings that you bought in DOH coming? Keep us posted.


  4. Hi GG,

    That’s an awesome collection of tomatoes and a lovely post. Almost mouth watering. Great going!!
    Right now am growing some tomatoes of local variety. Had got the seed packet (Punjabi Choara) from Lalbagh. The plants have grown to almost 6 ft in height (Yah that’s right) and still growing. Fruit have also set in extensively, but they are taking so… long…to ripen. They are huge in size and still growing… Waiting for start of the harvest season 🙂

    • Hi Raja,

      Thanks. I remember seeing “Punjab choara” in lalbagh. I will get to know from you how it fairs out. Do Post about it, I am curious already :). Yeah ripening takes long. It makes lot of difference when you grow plants in ground.


  5. You have an amazing variety of tomatoes in your garden, loved your cherry tomatoes and the small yellow fig ones.I too would love to grow these varieties but dunno where they are available…

  6. Hi gg, Your blog is very educational and inspiring. And I saw it on a right time as I was planning to grow some vegetables.But form my Past bad experienced i was hesitating and seeds of spinich,methi,cherry tomatoes are lying with me.but after seeing your blog i get an encouragment to do it.

    I am based in gurgaon(just near delhi). So do you have any idea form where in delhi i can buy coco coir, vermiculite, perlite.

    regards anubhuti

    • Hi Anubhuti,

      Glad you liked my blog and good to hear that are going to revive the gardener in you!.
      I did some googling to find out whereabouts of cocopeat in delhi.
      Indiacocopeat.com, B-23, Lawrence Road Indl. Area, Delhi-110035 (India). Phone No.:+91-11-47065000, Mobile No.: +91-9818050000, Fax No.: +91-11-45035000

      Regarding perlite and vermiculite i dont have any idea at the moment. I have a suggestion though. Perlite and vermiculite are not necessary. Cocopeat mixed with sand and compost can also be used. Don’t get dissappointed because of non-availability of perlite/vermiculite. I have had lots of veggies growing in just cocopeat + compost. Actually these days I don’t buy perlite due to its cost.(Rs 60+ a kg) :-O

      Good luck to you!! and keep us posted.

      • Hi gg

        Will try getting the cocopeat from the above add. But do need help with quantities. In a 12″ terracotta pot how much should the ratio of sand- cocopeat-compost be? And should I plant the tomatoes, now in November in Delhi?

  7. Hey,

    Gr8 blog, Im plannin to grow a batch soon in delhi.

    Wud u know where can i find fertlisers ? and What kinda shops/instituions i shud be lookin at whihc offer stuff such as soil , coco peat n stuff ?

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Adi:
      Indiacocopeat.com, B-23, Lawrence Road Indl. Area, Delhi-110035 (India). Phone No.:+91-11-47065000, Mobile No.: +91-9818050000, Fax No.: +91-11-45035000. I don’t know about quantities though.
      Soil availability is pretty random in Delhi. Normally from where construction is going on.
      A lot depends on which area you are in. Sunder nursery (near Hamayuns tomb) has a lot of seeds for vegetables and organic fertiliser for containers gardening.
      There are also garden centres on Aurobindo Marg, close to the Qutub Hotel turn. Have not tried those though.

  8. Hi Geekgardener,

    Today while searching for pepper seed germination landed on your blog !!!! I must admit that this is the blog I wanted. I am sure I will be able to learn a lot on gardening. I have a terrace of around 1500 sq.ft. and intend persuing my hobby vigorously after reading your blog. I am based at Lucknow.

    I have few questions :

    (1) What is the ideal mix for the plant growing medium(soil). Normal soil is available. I shall be glad if you can provide the ratio e.g.cocopeat, compost, normal soil, any other medium.

    (2) For seed germination – what should be the mix? Should it be different from the one in which normally we grow plants i.e. one you intend recommending as raised by me in point no.(1)?

    (3) I have sown capsicum seeds almost one week back. There are no traces of germination as yet. What precaution should I take?

    I hope to have your recply soonest.

    Will be a regular visitor to your blog. Keep it up !!!!!!

    • Hi Rajesh,

      Hope the reply is not too late.
      An ideal mix would be equal parts of red soil+compost+sand or cocopeat.,
      For seed germination, you can use cocopeat + compost in equal ration. Ensure the compost is well decomposed.This is mix is easy to work with and pricking out seedlings for transplant is easy with this mix.

  9. Dear GG,
    Heavenly pictures. My tomato plants have a low yield. What should be an ideal fertilizing schedule. I would prefer to stic to organic manure.

    • Hi Padma,

      Thanks. Ideal fertilizing would be to begin adding fertilizer when you plant and when the plant flowers. Use bone meal, Pot ash for good flowering and fruit set.


  10. Hi GG,
    Want to learn hydroponics. Do u know anyone in mumbai or can u refer any website where i can learn abt hydroponics. i want to learn everything rite from the setup.

  11. Hello GG,
    I am very much impressed by your blog.
    Thanks for providing such wonderful detials to all ppl.
    Can you tell me where can i buy vegetable seeds in pune /

  12. Hi GG,

    I live in an apartment and would love to grow veggies in pots. I have tried to grow tomotoes unsucessfully before. Can you guide me with where I can find seeds, potting soil, fertiliser etc.

    Your help is much appreciated.

    oh, i stay i bangalore


  13. Hey,
    for those looking for COCO PEAT, contacting b-23 Lawrence road is going to be pointless i guess.. i tried contacting them too, they said that they only do exports… what you can do instead is call up the nurseries in delhi NCR.. you can find the list here-> http://www.flowersofindia.in/misc/nurseries.html you can always start with nurseries near you..
    I’m hoping to get in touch with people interested in aquaponics and hydroponics through this site, in Delhi..

  14. Hey, your blog is just awesome and very informative, especially for beginners like me in gardening.
    I have a few questions, hope you can clarify them?
    I save all veggie peels & stalks, incl. yam and brinjal stalks and put them in the pots where I grow flowers and veggies. My hubby says, it is not a good idea as they take a long time to decompose unlike carrot or pototo peels… is it true?
    Can I use all uncooked wastes from kitchen as fertilizers? (peels, seeds, stalks, leaves etc.)
    How to grow sunflower and Nyctanthes arbor-tristis (pavalamalli/parijat). I sowed those seeds in my pot but i dont see anything grown out of it.
    How to control grass and weeds? I simply have concrete pots.

    Thanks for all your help.

    • kaykay,

      Thanks for the nice words. You can use all the parts of a plant as fertilizer. (Biomass). Some parts do take a little longer than the other. But then they eventually will. Don’t put this on pots with tiny seedlings. Since their decomposition might attract insects and kill the seedlings.

      Sunflower seeds are straight forward to grow and Parijatham/Pavazhamalli is also easy but you need to get good quality seeds. It can also be grown from cuttings. To control grass, till the soil well and in pots, cover the soil areas with mulch /pepples/wood chips etc.

  15. hi,

    i like ur interest and enthusiasm abut growing exotic tomato’s. and the most favourite tomato from above is cherry tomato’s which have 20 tomato in each trussus. will u plz tell me the company name from which this cherry tomato.
    thank’s for ur publish.


  16. I have a pavala malli plant in my house. How many days it will take to produce flowers. kindly give me some tips to grow that plant in a better way.

  17. hi,
    i recently entered into the passion on growing vegetables in containers. i have started with tomatoes. i have sawed them 3 in 1 pot and it been 2-3 months. i am not adding any fertilizer. Please let me know how long does a tomato take for particular T-Plant to yield fresh tomatoes 🙂

    • Sdaniel

      Its time you add fertilizers to your plants. Three in a pot is not ideal growing condition for tomatoes. SO its better you use a good fertilizer for flowering and fruiting.


  18. Hello,

    Your blog posts are very helpful and informative. I have started growing a kitchen garden after seeing your beautifully grown plants.
    One question: I planted tomato seeds few days ago and they were about 5 inches tall but suddenly the plants drooped. I watered them regularly but I have no idea why this happened. Is it because of the weather or I did something wrong like watering the plants too often. Could you please let me know?


  19. Good work and thank you for providing information and hints in gardening through your blog.
    Suguna Chand from Hyderabad.

  20. GG I recently came upon your blog, really find it inspiring. I have a small kitchen garden in my backyard, rather herb garden where I grow chives, sweet basil, mint, thyme, oregano and brahmi. I started out several times with tomatoes but had bad attack of mealy bugs and died. Now am starting again with new inspiration and zest after reading through your blog with some cherry tomato seedlings. I am hoping to stat spinach too.


  21. Recently I find that the leaves of my tomatoe plants (only some of them) have the leaves curled and beccame veery short in size. This is not the case with all other tomatoe plants but only in one or two pots. I have nearly ten pots of Tomatoe plants recently (15 days ago)transplanted. What could be the reason? Thanks.

  22. Sir: Further to my above problem of curved leaves on Tomatoe Plant, I also find similar problem of curved leaves in my Chilli Plant also. What should I do to prevent. As suggested by you somewhere, I have removed the tomatoe plant. What could be reason for curved leaves in plants, since I feel that same may happen to other plants also. Thanks.

  23. I tried hydrophonic growing in pondichery, but it is a hot place I was not very succesfull, but I would require your help to make it a sccess, as all my friends are waiting to see the results

  24. hi gg,
    i am a gardening enthusist and your blog is very helpful. it gives useful info and also motivates me after a failed try. i want to ask about protecting tomatoes. if i wrap my tomato fruits in newspaper when they are small then will they grow well? or do the fruits need sunlight too? i had a tomato plant in my terrace which was 3-4 feet high n doing ok. then suddenly a crow fell in love with it. i am not sure if it was d same crow every day or different crows coming one by one, but they used to kind of POLISH their beaks on those tomatoes. like trying to cut a stone with scissor. eating something that has been inside a crow’s beak is a bit too much even to think about. i eventually lost the plant to some white powdery bugs. now i have new tomato plants which have just started flowering. this time i want all the tomatoes for myself. i had even tried placing chapata/bread pcs near tomatoes to distract crows but it did not work. so this newspaper wrapping idea. i know my problem is kinda wierd, but what to do? i hope to get some solution soon. thanks

  25. May I simply just say what a comfort to find somebody that actually understands what they’re
    discussing online. You definitely understand how to bring an issue to light and
    make it important. More and more people need to read this and understand this side of the story.
    I was surprised that you are not more popular since you definitely have the

  26. Hi GG,
    Wonderful wonderful post and blog. Please let me know where you can get the seeds for Maskota, Balconi red and green zebra. I am recent balcony tiny garden enthusiast. I have a little pot with cherry tomatoes, harvested 1 tomato and am immensely proud:):) What you have suggested seem easy to grow, please let me know on the seeds or where I can pick up the plant. And I am from Delhi. Also if you are a spinach enthusiast try growing Malabar Spinach or poi shak in pots, it works with very little trouble.


  27. Hi GG,

    My tomato plants are growing abt 2 feet and last week one flowered as well, but after flower opens up – it is drying out. Also few leaves looks curled.
    cant understand what is going wrong. What fertilizer i have to put – organic? any other suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. how to control leafminer disease in an organic manner? i tried opening your article on that but it wouldn’t open. pls advise. thanks

  29. Hi, I’m a beginner in indoor gardening. I started with mint cuttings and your blog is very helpful. I wanna know how to grow red long tomatoes(Bangalore tomatoes) in container gardening for climate of Pittsburgh.

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