Like I have been postponing on writing a post on how to start a kitchen garden, I am sure few of you who are reading this have already postponed starting a garden of your own. Oh and I am sure you have plenty of valid reasons for postponing. Few people have lots of space both terrace and land and few like me have lots of passion but less space. It doesn’t matter. So if you have been toying with the idea of gardening and always wanted a push, here it is.. “Just get off your butt and start diggin!”

To start a vegetable garden, you need lots of stuff. Here is the list of things that you need to begin with.

  • Seeds/Plants [ Vegetables, Flowers]
  • Pots/Seedling trays
  • Potting mix/Compost  [ Cocopeat, Perlite, Vermiculite]
  • Watering cans/sprayers
  • Fertilizers( Organic or Inorganic)

In this Part I of multipart series, I am going to share what you need to buy and where. I have spent hours and hours of phone calls/searching the net to find what I want. It is really frustrating to not get what we want and sometimes this can stop one from continuing gardening. Hence I thought I would first write a post on where to get what.

I will also try to put exact address/map where ever possible.

We will go through the list of items one by one.


Fortunately In Bangalore, there are plenty of places that you get good quality seeds of different vegetables and flowers. Here we will see the list of places that sell them.


Garden Guru Store:


Store Timings:   Morning : 9am-1pm

Evenings: 2pm-6pm

We are open on all days

Store Address:

Garden Guru Store

93/1 BTS Layout Road

Arekere, Bangalore 76

Phone: 080-42116217


It needs no introduction. It is a great landmark and to get there just call an auto and tell him to take to Lalbagh. Take the double road gate and after going little further inside Lalbagh, on your Left you can see NurseryMen Co-op. They sell all types of vegetable seeds and flower seeds. Vegetable seeds range from Rs 10 upto 100. You also get whole lot of accessories there. They have plastic pots, propagation trays, organic pesticides, Horse Manures, Compost, Neem cake, and a lot more. Make a visit once and you will return with goodies for your garden.

Potting Mix/Compost

You get good potting mixes in the following places

Garden Guru Store:


You get all kinds of accessories like watering cans, sprayers, cutters secateurs, shovel, etc.


More on Part II


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