Well, Not really!. Its a slice of Beefsteak Tomato I am taking about. Last few posts were about the tomato cultivar called “Marmande”. Though I posted pictures, I never tried tasting them. Early this week, I decided to.

Only after I took a slice of the tomato, I realized how apt the name beefsteak is..

MyGarden 1068

MyGarden 1069


Taste: It was sweet, flavorful and meaty. Its the best of all the tomatoes I have ever tasted.

BTW, this week, I had to save my plants from falling off due to weight, hence I decided to harvest the 2nd batch of Tomatoes from the greenhouse..  Total weight approx 2kg.

MyGarden 1062


The biggest one was a 300gm tomato. The heaviest ever in my garden.

MyGarden 1064




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