That was a long delay between posts. Lets just blame it on the weather this time.

In the first week of March, my garden was full of tomato  laden plants. Bunches of tomatoes everywhere. It was clearly a problem of plenty. With help from friends, neighbours in my apartment and relatives  the tomato population was brought under control. Thanks y’all.

Posting the pics here for your viewing pleasure.

Marmande: Tomato-On-Vine.(TOV)

MyGarden 1073

MyGarden 1076

The strings with which they were trained were loosened when the plants started touching the top.

MyGarden 1077

This particular truss had so much fruits that it started breaking off and it had to be supported by a separate twine.

MyGarden 1078

MyGarden 1082

MyGarden 1083

Tomatoes in Bunches. Each weighing around 1.2-1.6Kg.

MyGarden 1085

Closeup of Trusses.

MyGarden 1087

Marmande and Pink of Bern, both took the 1st spot in Taste Category. Marmande was a real good producer. Will be sowing again.

As always comments, queries, suggestions are most welcome.


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