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Back when I started out on veggie gardening, the biggest challenge was to get the right seeds, start them well and grow them to transplanting stage. Sounds easy when we say it right?. Most of the gardeners get frustrated and even stop gardening if their seeds don’t germinate and even worse. Taking care of the germinated seeds is almost like taking care of a newborn.

And by the time, the beginner gets the seed to germinate and transplant, his/her enthu is almost gone!

What if there is a “Ready to plant” seedlings available to you. That is exactly the post is all about.   Seedlings for you when you want it.

I have now the following ready to plant seedlings for sale.

  • Red Cherry Tomato  (1 month old, Indeterminate)
  • Purple Long Brinjal – (1.5 month old)

The tomato is of indeterminate kind. So it needs staking and it yields for a long time.

A post is not complete without pictures.So, here you go.

Cherry Tomato seedlings in Protray

Seedlings in Pro tray

Red Cherry tomato seedlings in propagation tray

Red Cherry Tomato Seedlings

Tomatoes on Truss

Cherry tomato truss

Brinjal seedlings in Propagation tray

Long purple Brinjal seedlings

There you have it folks. These seedlings are for sale. Brinjal seedlings cost Rs 10/plant and cherry costs Rs 20/plant.  These are heirloom varieties and that means you can save the seeds from these and use it for next season..

If you are interested in picking up these seedlings, use the contact form on this website and send me a note. Please use the subject “Seedlings”.

NOTE: The seedlings are for local (Bangalore) pickup at my residence only. Since these are live plants, shipping is NOT possible.Sorry  folks, if you are from other state and are interested in this. Guess what, all is not lost, you can still order the seeds for these plants from me.

Jump start your growing season!

There is more variety of seedlings to come in future. Watch this space for exotics!


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66 Responses

  1. i am interested. shall chk who can get for my group to bom. What is the address for pickup?
    have friends who keep coming to bom regularly.

  2. Good to see more seedlings up.
    This time I wont be taking seedlings cos we’re off for quite a few days. Will be checking with you by May end.

    In case its helpful, these type of Newspaper Pots may help to help in separating out your seedlings for individuals.

  3. Hi GG,

    This is really good :-). I was wondering if you will still have the cherry tomato seedlings around end of April. I am out of town for next two weeks and would love to get a couple of cherry tomato plants for my balcony, but not sure if that will be too late to transplant these. Also, would you have any other seedlings by then? Please let me know

    Thanks much.

  4. Hi,
    I have a quick question. I bought seedlings of both from you about ten days ago. After planting them in the middle of last week what has happened is that the leaves of the tomato plant have developed white lines. You had mentioned that this might happen and that it indicates a deficiency of something. I have planted these in a mixture of red soil (that came with horse manure) and cocopeat, both purchased from Lalbag. Both plants otherwise seem to be doing well. What should I do for the white lines? Is this when I should be using NPK (?) Please help!

    Thanks very much.

  5. HiI GG,

    I need some plants too….

    10 plants each, cherry and Egg plant. I can pick it up this saturday. Please let me know.
    Do you take cheques? Just kidding 🙂

  6. Thanks for this informative website. I also started terrace garden inspired by you. I want to give info about Stevia(sugar) plants. It is a future sugur of India. Hope you get it for yourself in your locality.


  7. Hi GG,

    I have spent almost all my free time in the last 2-3 days reading though your blog since I discovered it – I am completely awed by you collection and enthusiasm! Please let me know if tomato and brinjal seedlings are still available and if I could collect them next weekend? I would like 5 of as many different types of tomato as you have and 3 brinjals plus a LOT of advice from you!

    Meenakshi Arun

  8. Hi GG,

    We live in Bangalore and my husband and I have a small terrace garden consisting mainly of flowering plants/trees as well as curry leaves, lime and some herbs. It is a very enjoyable hobby for sure!

    We mostly had a local mali help but after reading your blog and understanding where to source materials in the city our enthusiasm is renewed! With great help from your posts, we got the materials needed to start the vegetable garden project.

    Would you still have cherry tomato seedlings? And can I get Beefsteak tomato seeds from you? Will really appreciate it!

    Thanks again for such a great blog. If possible could you add an Index to all posts – its difficult to locate quickly some of your step by step pieces in the current layout.


    • Thanks for the suggestion about the index. It is definitely a must as my site is getting bigger and bigger.

      Cherry tomatoes and Beefsteak. I have the seeds .. but seedlings are all SOLD OUT.

  9. Hi GG,

    As always blog is inspiring .

    My Tomato plants were doing good (for almost a month)after spraying with neem solution. However few days back again got spider mite infestation. In rainy season you cant differentiate between dust particles and mites, until its really sunny outside or infection is severe.

    1. What can be done to avoid re-infestation.
    2. Can I spray that neem sol again as fruit just started coming.after first spray, almost all floral dried/dropped. plz suggest.

    I will like to buy few seedlings. Plz let me know ,which seedlings are available/will be available in near future(till mid of june).


  10. Sir from where did you buy marmande and beefsteak tomato seeds i have been looking for the seeds for a very long time but couldn’t find anywhere.I would be very thankful to you if you could provide me the contact details of the supplier.

    • I get my seeds from multiple sources. I got this from France and also from a friend of mine. I am not sure who supplies this in india. If you want some seeeds, I can send it to you and you can pay by bank transfer

  11. Hi Bro.

    really wonderful blog to read. your plants r so beautiful n healthy. i really motivated to start veg gardening. i have few questions

    1) from your blog i cum to know tat v can use only cocopeat n vermicompost for planting. its not necessary to use red soil ? (for me difficult to get red soil).

    2) wht type fertilizer u used for your plants ?

    3) when u use them, weekly ? once in 15 days ? morning r evening ?

    4) when can v give fertiliz to the plant, after pruning r before ?

    5) wht kind of pesticide u used ?

    6) how much time u spend in your garden ? (me also into IT cant manage time 🙁

    7) do u have orkut r facebook account

    i have lots n lots of questions to ask with you. can i have your number bro

    • Hi mdkhaleel,

      Thanks for the comment.
      Red soil is not necessary. Manure + cocopeat is enough.
      I use manure for pots that are grown organic and NPK/nutrients for my hydroponic setup
      Frequencey of application is every week.
      I spend a LOT (more than 2 )of time in my garden/blog/emails.
      I do have FB account. Search for geekgardener ..

      Please feel free to ask away your questions in the forum and it will benefit every one and you will get your questions answered much faster.

  12. Thanks for such a great blog.
    I would like as many different types seedlings.
    Kindly let me know the availability.


  13. Hi GG,

    You have become my favorite in less than an hour… 🙂
    SO delighted to have come across your blog…

    I have just sown a brinjal plant..chilly and a curry patta plant, coriander seeds about a couple of hours ago in my balcony…

    I am looking for seeds…. yes…. whatever variety of vegetables you have…. I still have ample space in my balcony…..

    I am a mumbai local but I do have friends in Bangalore… I can arrange for a pick up…
    Kindly let me know your address and the cost associated…..

    Excited… thrilled….. 😀


  14. I need some seeds for cherry tomatoes,brinjal.chillies and cabbage.How to get it and how much money I have to transfer (all details) I am from Allahabad (U.P.)

  15. hi GG i am looking for tomato and purple brinjal seedlings. I’m from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.


  16. hi, I’m minu and have been reading your blog intently …. I had a full time job for 7 yrs and now have the chance to be be home full time to take care of my kid. Im in awe of your interest to container kitchen gardening and ur a true inspiration. we are now in Pune and thankfully i here have a rather big balcony in my aprtment to start of a lil garden at home. im very interested in growin veggies and would start to work on the same this Oct-Nov once im back from my trip to chennai. the soil we find here is generally black and sticky.we do have many local nursery’s around, but im confused about the kind of material required to grow Tomatoes, Brinjals, chillies and capsicum. please help me.

  17. GG, Do youb still have any cherry tomato seeds? I’ve grown reg tomatoes and they are doing fine, but i’d much rather grow cherry tomatoes and Ratanshi does not have seeds. Are you able to post them?

  18. Sir,

    thanks for starting and sharing such a wonderful blog on terrace gardens. I am from Thiruvananthapuram and I need some valuable and different seeds from you. What i do ? tell me in details please..

  19. Hello there

    This querry comes from a residential complex in Bangalore. We have a landscaped garden – but there are vety few floweting plants to give some colour . Could you please let me know where I can get seedlings . We would prefer r some hardy plants – or parennials as we have limited resources . Can you advise, please

    much thanks
    Dr Chinnam Gopinath

    • Hello there

      This querry comes from a residential complex in Bangalore. We have a landscaped garden – but there are vety few floweting plants to give some colour . Could you please let me know where I can get seedlings . We would prefer r some hardy plants – or parennials as we have limited resources . Can you advise, please

      much thanks
      Dr Chinnam Gopinath

  20. Hey

    Your garden is just so amazing… Amma has a pretty big garden in Sivakasi with a number of flowering plants and I have just started my balcony garden in Chennai with Hibiscus, Crotans, mint, money plant and Amarnath. I will be moving to blr shortly and now visiting and shopping from your garden is topping my list..

  21. Hi GG

  22. Hi GG,

    Its really very helpful site for garden lovers. I have come across your site and amazed that you have very rich experience and you would like to share your experience with others,its much appreciated. I would like to have seeds of some exotic vegetables i.e. purple cabbage, Purple , oracle flower etc. if you have seeds available then please let me know with its price on my mail id so accordingly I can order.

    Dhruv Dave

  23. I am a home gardener in Madurai, Tamilnadu, & would like to purchase the tomato & long egg-plant seeds from you. How can I order & get them & how much do they cost? It is sad that even in an agricultural area like Madurai and surrounding districts it is not possible to get any heirloom vegetable seeds. It is all only hybrids now.
    Do you have any other heirloom vegetable seeds to supply?

  24. Dear GG,
    We are an elderly couple who have a bit of time to tend to our plants. Your site has told us a lot how to better our efforts growing vegetables of our own.
    We are in the cantonment area of Secunderabad, AP.
    If you please tell us something about the availabilities of the plastic multi pots seeds and such items in around Secunderabad.
    We do wish to follow your footsteps in harvesting.
    Arun and Maya Mitra

    • Saurav,

      I germinate these seedlings from seeds that I save. I mention ‘heirloom’ only if I know the source of the seeds. If they are germinated out of hybrids, I will mention so.
      Also, the plants will come true to type. thats how you can find out if it is hybrid or heirloom.

      one can always use dna fingerprinting to findout the purity of the type.

  25. hi, the blog is awesome!!! and extremely inspiring. my balcony is very small, hence wanted to know where i can get stands or tiers to keep the pots or tubs or bins in more quantity!!! i have seen somewhere couple of wrought iron stands but dont know where to get them. keeping everything on the floor is extremely difficult. i am sure u can help me out of it!!!
    Thanks in advance

  26. GG,
    COuld I get some cherry tomatoes seedlings from you ? and I hope this is for sale. And I need the address as well. I do stay in Bangalore.
    Thanks in advance


  27. Hi,

    Brilliant blog you have going here :)happened to stumble upon your blog yesterday, (was looking for salad leaf seeds)*thank you Google*.
    I’m looking for romaine & butterhead lettuce,rocket/arugula,basil & rucola seeds as well as seeds of thyme,rosemary,parsley & oregano.
    Do you by any chance be able to ship them to Hyderabad?
    Also could you let me know the cost?

  28. Hi GG,

    I have been following this blog for quite sometime. It’s been a great help to understand our ancient knowledge.
    I will visit you shortly at Bannerghatta road. I have the phone number.
    In the mean time, let everyone know there is Malanad seed Mela. Follwoing are the details :

    Date: February 2-3, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday)

    Venue: Golden Bead School (playground), off Richmond Road, Bengaluru

    Time: 10 am to 6 pm


  29. Hi GG,

    I am looking for seedling for tomato, lady finger and capsicum. Please let me know as what is the convenient time to visit you for the same.

    Also, I would like to attend any workshop if in near future getting conducted by you. 🙂

  30. Hi

    I missed reading this post early. I would have taken some seedlings of both. In the next OFYT event can we expect these seedlings? It will be easy for me to pick up


  31. Hello Sir,

    Can i get the tomato, brinjal and ladies finger saplings (14 to 15 days old ones)?
    It would be of great help…..

    Thanking you


  32. Hi Saurav,

    I stay in Bangalore and looking for saplings of tomato,brinjal and any other vegetables available. Plz let me know the address i can come and collect them.

    Plz let me know.



  33. hi Saurav ,

    i am interested to buy a few vegetable seedlings from your farm , could you please share your full location and let me know if we can pay a visit to the place tomorrow .

  34. Hi Saurav,
    i’m ready to purchase seedlings of all vegetables ,please sare your details ,i can come and pick up from there.
    please let me know varieties and price of each sapling.
    Thank you.

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