Hello Gardeners!

Back when I started out on veggie gardening, the biggest challenge was to get the right seeds, start them well and grow them to transplanting stage. Sounds easy when we say it right?. Most of the gardeners get frustrated and even stop gardening if their seeds don’t germinate and even worse. Taking care of the germinated seeds is almost like taking care of a newborn.

And by the time, the beginner gets the seed to germinate and transplant, his/her enthu is almost gone!

What if there is a “Ready to plant” seedlings available to you. That is exactly the post is all about.   Seedlings for you when you want it.

I have now the following ready to plant seedlings for sale.

  • Red Cherry Tomato  (1 month old, Indeterminate)
  • Purple Long Brinjal – (1.5 month old)

The tomato is of indeterminate kind. So it needs staking and it yields for a long time.

A post is not complete without pictures.So, here you go.

Cherry Tomato seedlings in Protray

Seedlings in Pro tray

Red Cherry tomato seedlings in propagation tray

Red Cherry Tomato Seedlings

Tomatoes on Truss

Cherry tomato truss

Brinjal seedlings in Propagation tray

Long purple Brinjal seedlings

There you have it folks. These seedlings are for sale. Brinjal seedlings cost Rs 10/plant and cherry costs Rs 20/plant.  These are heirloom varieties and that means you can save the seeds from these and use it for next season..

If you are interested in picking up these seedlings, use the contact form on this website and send me a note. Please use the subject “Seedlings”.

NOTE: The seedlings are for local (Bangalore) pickup at my residence only. Since these are live plants, shipping is NOT possible.Sorry  folks, if you are from other state and are interested in this. Guess what, all is not lost, you can still order the seeds for these plants from me.

Jump start your growing season!

There is more variety of seedlings to come in future. Watch this space for exotics!


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