How to grow Mint from cuttings.

In most of my posts/comments, I recommend people to start with plants such as mint that are very easy to grow. Mint for example, is easily available. It grows invasively and very easy to propagate. Or is it? I received many questions on how to grow mint from cuttings. I have posted several times in this blog on how to root stem cuttings successfully but I thought it would be really helpful if I dedicate one post entirely for mint. So this post is about how to grow mint from cuttings

If you follow the steps carefully, I can guarantee that you will get 100% success.

Steps on how to grow mint from cuttings with 100% success rate

  • Collect Mint cuttings — Buy or borrow mint that have slightly thicker stems.How to grow Mint from cuttings
  • Take the stem tip cuttings by making a cut at 3-4inches from the top. Make sure the cut is right below a node.
  • Do not remove all the leaves. Leave some of them in the cutting, if the bottom most leaf in hindering them you can just remove them off.
  • Prepare the media (in my case coco peat). The media should be moist but not wet. If you try squeeze the media, water should come out little bit.
  • Fill a propagation tray with the media. You can take any container. Propagation tray makes it easier to transplant.
  • Stick the cuttings into each cell and compact it so that the cutting is intact.


How to grow mint leaf indoors

how to grow mint step by step

  • Now cover the whole setup with a polythene sheet. If your tray is small enough, you can enclose it in a polybag. Transparent cover is good. This step is extremely important. If you don’t cover the cuttings with a polybag, they will lose the moisture and wilt very quickly.

how to grow mint from cuttings step by step with pictures


  • Keep the setup in a bright location but not with direct sunlight.
  • No further watering is necessary. Keep an eye on the plants daily. The plants should remain fresh and not wilt. Wilting indicates that the plants are not covered properly in the polybag and is losing moisture.
  • If you properly followed steps 1 through 8, the cuttings should root in just about a week.

how to grow mint from cutting

  • Once rooted, slowly introduce the plants to the outside world. Since they were in humid environment inside the bag, sudden change in humidity will result in plant going through stress.

How to grow mint from cuttings

  • Expose the plants to sun gradually. First start with an hour and then increasing by an hour every day to harden them.
  • In about 15 days time, your plants will be fully rooted and are good for transplanting.


This is how you propagate Mint from cuttings to get 100% successful results.If you like this post, you may also like the following



Happy gardening


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