Sounds like a familiar topic? May be it is… but I wanted to write about seed starting spinach for lot of reasons. Couple of weeks back, I was invited to ThoughtWorks, Bangalore to give a talk on Urban gardening to a group of techies.  I was quite excited. I had given talks like this before but this was the first of its kind. The talk went very well.  Many of them were very excited and had tons of questions. All of them had one question in common.. The million dollar question.. Which vegetable plant should I start with?

There are several plants one can start with. My recommendation is, always choose something that yields quickly and easy to grow. Spinach is a good candidate for starter project. Most of the times, I find myself explaining this. Hence I thought, I will make a video out of it. So without further ado, the videos of sowing spinach.

Part I

Part II



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Good luck on starting your vegetable garden.

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