By popular demand, Monthly sowing calendar  is back. This time I decided to put it up as a permanent page […]
Hello Gardeners, I think you all will like this  Mela. Why? There are seeds!.  Malnad Mela brings to you lots […]
Usually the posts that I write in this blog are about what grows in MY garden and the methodologies I […]
Guide to growing Bhut Jolokia the Ghost Pepper: Bhut jolokia or Naga jolokia is a variety of chili pepper growing […]
How to grow carrots in container
Growing Carrots in Containers Carrots is one of those vegetables that is most consumed and always the pricey one in […]
Every gardener’s dream is to sow a seed and wait for a bountiful harvest. The joy is more if the […]
Ta da! We have “finally” arrived after a month’s journey. First of all, I am really sorry for the long […]
Well, not exactly. It is my  blog that is moving. Moving to a self hosted setup. Ever since I started […]
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