Kohlrabi is another name for our not-so-popular Knolkhol. It belongs to the same family as Cabbage and Cauliflower(Brassicaceae). The Whole plant is edible however, it is mostly used for its bulged swollen stem. It can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Though it prefers a cold weather, it does moderately well for our Bangalore […]
Long time no post! Offlate it is really difficult to find time to write a post with work taking most of my time. However, my plants do get their share of attention/time and as always in return they do what they are good at… yielding.. Daily, my morning time just flies by looking at the […]
It all started when my mom returned from vegetable shopping one day and was expressing her frustration with the way prices have been going high. Especially this capsicum or Bell peppers as its popularly known. It was around INR 40 a kg. “Can you not plant some of these in our garden?” Fueled with this […]
Growing Potatoes in Containers   Last time I had a potato plant growing like any other in a pot and me being the impatient kind, I dug it up little too soon and I ended up with 3 fairskinned potatoes ;). Then I looked up the web to know the way it should be done […]
Guide to growing Swiss chard with pictures and step by step explanation. Learn to grow swiss chard in the ground, container or in Hydroponics.
Happy Environment Day 2016 As the title says, I would like to wish all of you an very happy environment day. Ideally speaking, every day of the year should be environment day isn’t it? You bet! Well we are definitely not in an ideal world. So we really need to think ways we can contribute to […]
Information on How to grow Parsley Parsley, known by the botanical name Petroselinum Crispum, is a herb grown for its aromatic flavor. Parsley is used in many dishes and also used as a garnish. Growing Parsley not only is useful in the kitchen but also as a beautiful ornamental plant. Parsley leaves some what resemble […]
How to grow basil plants in your garden Basil, known by the Botanical name Ocimum Basilicum, is one of the most popular herbs and the easiest to grow in a kitchen garden. Growing basil is also fun since there are so many varieties of basil to choose from. You name a flavor, there is a […]
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