Lots of updates from my garden. Here is what i have been doing

Been to Lalbagh Flower show on Republic day( Actually went there twice 😉 The flower show was great. Got to see lots of varieties of Coleus, Baby Zinnia and its mouthful. Got myself lots of seeds to start and really really refreshing. One thing that I would like to mention in my post is that I stopped in a stall called “Vital Plant Products” that sold ayurvedic extracts for plants. At first it didn’t interest me. But I was interested in their potting mix that they were selling in 25Kg bags so I bought one of it.

Then I wanted to do a test drive on some ayurvedic extract called N.L. Keeping my fingers crossed I just got a tiny bottle that cost Rs 50. The next day I was really surprised.. to see that it smelled like Cow’s Urine. ( Should I say I was pissed off 😉 ). Then I looked at the ingredients and here is ..

“Panchagavya + Herbal plant extracts”.

What on earth is Panchagavya ?.

Panchagavya is a thick mixture you get when you blend 5(pancha) products from the Cow(gavya). Cow dung, Cow’s urine (i told ya), Milk, Curd and Ghee are mixed together at proper ratio and fermented for about 20 days and at the end you get a miracle liquid that really works wonders in your garden. Believe me!. I am a kind of person who wanted to see results before I blog. I am glad I bought that tiny bottle.

I mix that bottle’s cap full of Panchagavya in 0.5 litre of water and apply as a foliar spray. I am doing this weekly twice. My plants used to look weak before with not many shoots coming up and aphids ruling the whole garden. After applying the liquid for two weeks, I see a lush green garden and to my surprise no aphids at all. I mean it.

Every day I see lots of improvement in the plants. My tomato seedlings look bigger, stronger and greener. Rooting is profound in cuttings..

I am happy and I am going to use it forever.

Another article that fueled my quest for organic farming is


By Respected Valmiki Sreenivasa Ayangarya

Perhaps Its time we Indians should start using the old techniques of organic farming mentioned in our vedic literatures otherwise the researchers abroad will follow it and tell us about it. 😛

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