Growing Coriander at home

Growing Coriander – How to grow coriander from seeds

Split Coriander Seeds

Growing Coriander From Seeds

Coriander a.k.a dhania in india, a.k.a Cilantro in the west, is something that is used everyday in Indian cuisine. Either the seeds or the green leaves spice up our food. This makes Coriander a must grow for every kitchen garden. The reason it is an ideal candidate is a) it is very easy to grow b) grows very fast c) you can get the yields at a very early stage and it keeps yielding.

This post is all about  growing coriander  in containers. Coriander plant doesn’t transplant well. So choose a container thats big enough to grow many plants. I usually use trays/tubs to grow them since the soil surface is more in tubs and hence we can grow multiple rows of coriander.


Growing Coriander from Seeds

Coriander seed is technically a fruit containing two seeds in it. So the round thing that you see has two seeds in it. Each of them will grow into a coriander plant. The fruit can be sown whole or split and sown. When split, it increases the germination rate since it scarifies the seed.

Here is a picture of how a split coriander seed looks like. So how to go from a whole coriander seed to a split one. The way I do is, I wear a slipper in my hands; that’s right! in my hands. Spread the seeds on the floor ( preferably a rough floor and not the tiles) and keep the slipper on the seeds and gently move the slipper while pressing them. This is not the place to show your strength. remember we are not making coriander powder so be gentle ;).

Try it. The good thing about gardening is you get to do things you would have never done before :D. One can sow the whole seed as well. It is more easier when you split.

 Trouble germinating coriander seeds ?

Coriander seeds are usually the easiest to germinate. Just sprinkle them on the ground and you will see seedlings in a week. But there are also gardeners who have trouble germinating coriander seeds. Coriander seeds don’t germinate due to the following reasons

  1. Poor seed quality.
  2. Sowing seeds that are not meant for sowing. ( Coriander seeds are also used for cooking. )
  3. Aged seeds

Tips for germinating coriander seeds

  1. Always buy seeds from sources that are trustworthy when growing coriander
  2. Buy coriander seeds that are meant for sowing purposes. Coriander seeds meant for culinary purposes are usually dried or dehydrated to stop them from getting spoiled over time. Processed coriander seeds wont germinate. If you are wondering “Why my coriander seeds won’t germinate?”. This is why.
  3. Use fresh coriander seeds. Coriander seeds especially are prone to infestation by small bugs that dwell inside the seed. They will eat away the from the inside, making it non viable.

Planting Coriander  – How to plant coriander

Coriander is  direct sown. So there is no special step called planting coriander. The sowing and planting of coriander seeds happens at the same time. If you are growing in containers, then you can move the container around to get good lighting etc.

I took a tray with potting mix filled all the way up to half inch from the top. Then make rows by drawing a line with your index finger or a stick. Simply sow the split coriander seeds in that row and once it is done, cover the seeds with coco peat. Water them properly and wait!. There are two strategies in sowing. Thick and thin. If you are sowing it in a container that is small, then sow thinly. If you are sowing it on the ground or on a bigger container , sow it thick. Coriander seeds are usually very fast in germinating. Coriander seeds  start germinating somewhere between 5-7 days.


Coriander Seedlings

Germinated Coriander Seedlings


Post Germination Steps

As soon as they start germinating, ensure they get good amount of sunlight. They will start growing vigorously. Water them thoroughly, especially when they are thickly sown. More leaves in a container, more water they lose via transpiration and hence you need to keep up with them. If you want to thin them or remove some of the plants, always cut the stems with a scissor or knife, don’t pull them out as they will bring the adjacent plant up with them and you don’t want that. Roughly around week 4 from the date of planting, they will have lots of leaves and can be harvested. For non-commercial purposes, one can start harvesting much earlier.

Growing  coriander at home crop is the best way to get a supply of  fresh coriander. Depending on where you live, you way want to choose the right time to sow coriander seeds.

As the coriander plants start growing, pay attention to the plants and look for pests, diseases and deficiencies. Never let coriander plants dry out, they are very sensitive and any stress during the growing period will cause them to bolt.


Coriander Plant Bolting - Flower stalk

Coriander Plant Bolting – Flower stalk

What is bolting?

Sometimes, when growing coriander, bolting is inevitable. What is bolting? Bolting is formation of flowering stalk to initiate flowering of the plant to produce seeds and reproduce. This is what is called bolting. But Why plants bolt  and what causes bolting of plants? Bolting is a survival mechanism for the plants when it is presented with conditions that are not suitable for its growing. Since bolting is formation of flowering stalk, all plants bolt eventually as part of their growth stages.  Bolting is a problem when plants bolt prematurely. It impacts the production or harvest in a big way.  If you were wondering “Why are my coriander plants flowering?” , they are BOLTING!

What causes Bolting

Bolting is a process that is part of plants natural process when they start to flower. Natural bolting is totally OK. What causes premature bolting is Stress. When growing coriander plants go through stress, they start to bolt. Stress to plants can come in variety of forms. It could be due to following

  • High temperature —  Coriander is a cold weather crop. So high temperature will cause bolting. Ensure you put a shade cover if the sunlight intensity is very high in your area.
  • Irregular watering — Ensure the container or the ground doesn’t dry out during the growing stages of coriander. When sowing thick, thorougly water them till water drains out of the drainage hole.
  • Unsuitable soil condition — The potting used should be of good quality and should have the right proportion of peat and manure. The potting mix should drain well and not stagnate water.
  • Lack of nutrients — Feed the plants from the start. Using a good quality potting mix is the best way to give a head start for the plants. Use a general purpose fertilizer or a special hydroponic blend  to feed the plants.

Do remember that a plant bolts naturally at the start of its flowering cycle. So it is normal for a plant to bolt when it is the right time. But for coriander, we don’t want their flowers, we want them to produce leaves. As soon as the plants start to bolt, its leaf size becomes small.  It is good to harvest them before they start flowering. Once they flower, they produce seeds that can be harvested later for sowing again if you want.

Coriander Pests

Coriander plant is not without its share of pests. It is not uncommon to see tiny bugs or aphids on your coriander plant when growing coriander.  Coriander is attacked often by the following pests. Both can be controlled by preventive sprays of neem oil with an emulsifier added. Follow the instructions on the label for dilution.

  • Aphids
  • Spider Mites
Spider Mite infestation on Coriander

Severe infestation of Spider mites – Coriander Plant












Growing coriander from seeds - ready for harvest

Coriander Ready for Harvest

Growing Coriander in Hydroponics NFT System

Growing Coriander in Hydroponics NFT System


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Growing Coriander From seeds
Article Name
Growing Coriander From seeds
Growing coriander from seeds in containers or pots. Coriander aka Cilantro is an aromatic herb known for its flavor.
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113 Responses

  1. Hello! Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know about the two seed thing, so both halves should contain one plant each? Or is it only in one part and I should just discard the other one? I am interested in growing coriander hydroponically as well. I cannot seem to get them to germinate right now, yours grew beautifully though! Should i need sunlight for germination? I keep them tucked away in some dim corner. Also i presoaked them for around 3-4 days and maybe it drowned them.

    • Hi Maggie,

      Thanks. Each half contains a seed so in whole seed you get two seeds. Both of them will become a plant. Coriander doesn’t need sunlight for germination. The ones shown in pic were sown at 1 cm depth. Coriander is a little slow to germinate. Mine took around 7 days. The ideal temp for coriander is 20-22 C. ( 68-70F). I will try to grow them hydroponically and let you know how it fairs out.

  2. Hey ,
    very nice article i have been tryin to make dhania in pots for a long time but have remained unsuccessful….thanks for explaining the splitting point….ill definitely try it out once again…..

  3. Hey GG, thanks for the detailed explanation. I too did not know the splitting of the coriander seeds till you explained it last weekend.
    Its so exciting to see your veggies grow. Nice pics also.
    I’m also getting a two old basins now. I have a question about drainage.
    How did you do the drainage on your tubs? Like the plastic bins?

    Do keep these coming. It is so useful and inspiring 🙂

    • Hi Asha,
      Yes you are right, the drainage hole is made the same way it is done for bins.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. make it look so simple,..for me its a different story. Somehow i am not sucessful in growing cilantro. I tried with the seeds that we get from the indian stores. The plants are so week and after just 3-4 sets of true leaves, it flowers. This season i tried the cilantro seeds from a seed pkt, the result is still the same. Everything else grows so well in pots, but not cilantro. I am going to try again following the steps in ur post, hopefully i will get some good results. Fingers Crossed!!!!

    • Hi bindu,

      The plants being weak and going to flower quickly indicates that it is being stressed. Is the weather optimal for coriander is it too hot over there? Hot weather makes it bolt quickly. What is the temperature like?

  5. Hey GG,
    Ironically, just today morning I saw a empty trey at my place and thought why should I not grow corriander in it. Your post here defenitely helped me initiate my thoughts :).
    Have few questions to you though.
    1. Do you have drainage hole set to this tray?
    2. Once completely grown do u suggest to cut leaves only( allowing them to grow further) or to remove with root?
    3. Seeds can be bought from local kirana shop right 🙂 ? ( Well I just dont want to miss asking you questions 🙂 )

    • Hi Sunil,
      Yes there is a drainage hole provided at an inch from the bottom so as to hold some amount of water. Once grown, I just take few leaves here and there with scissors and they keep growing. You won’t believe this. This morning my wife came with scissors and started taking couple of leaves for cooking.. they just sprouted….
      seeds can be purchased from local shops. Yep. Although, the seed that I have sown was given to me by the apartment maid. She said its natti variety and supposed to have more flavor.

  6. i have recently inclined towards gardening and i admit that urs posts helped me and encouraged a lot. i often visit ur site and always learn a alot. what must be the minimum size of a container to grow tomato,lady finger,cucumber, green chillies .i have sown these seeds but want to be sure about the size of my container.kindly help me.i m looking forward.thx

    • Hi Erum,

      Welcome to my blog and nice to hear that it helped you to start gardening. For tomato, using a 20 L or 5 gal bucket is ideal. Esp if you are growing indeterminate or tall variety of tomatoes. Same applies to Ladies finger and cucumber. For chillies you can grow them in 2-3 gallon containers.
      Hope this helps

  7. Hi,
    Very impressive post, I have tried growing coriander aka cilantro in summer but never get lush green foliage. My question is I live in Seattle, zone 8 USDA. everything around is sheding leaves and getting dormat. In such weather can I grow kothimbir indoors? My house temp stays at 68F in night and 62F during daytime, Is it enough to germinate the seeds and make it grow? Thanks.

    • Hi fenugreeklove,

      Thanks. You can grow indoors with artificial lights. 68F is ok but I think 62 should be little colder for it to grow. I will refer and get back to you.

  8. Hi GG,
    The average daytime temperature is somewhere near 95F during summer. And during nights its drops to around 60F. Is the daytime temperature too hot for cilantro? At this temp, how many hours of sun exposure is sufficient.

  9. Hi gg.. I learn so much here, i’ve tried planting this crop a few times, unfortunately i can’t even get it to sprout out. I am using seeds sold for cooking, i’m wondering if this has any effect. Can you recommend some good varieties?

  10. I planted some fenugreek and some coriander the same day. The fenugreek has sprouted, but no signs from the coriander basin. Don’t if it also has to do with our rainy cold weather of late.
    Some more questions here..
    1) Do you soak the coriander seeds? You mentioned a wet tissue method of sprouting in Raja’s blog comment. Could you explain that?
    2) Won’t the store bought dhania seed work or do I have to get it from Lal bagh?
    Another unrelated question
    3) Where do you get these decent looking stakes from which you use for the tomatoes?

    • Hi Asha,

      It took a week’s time for coriander to sprout. I didn’t soak the coriander seeds when I sowed them. Regarding the wet tissue method, you take a tissue paper and moist it with water. You can use a spray a fine mist of water to moist it. Once moist, take few seeds, place it on the wet tissue and wrap it. The tissue is now placed in a zip lock bag. After 2 days you can check the progress. Seeds will readily sprout in this method. You can put several tissues containing different seeds in the same ziplock to save space. Once the seed has germinated it can be taken carefully and placed in a pot. I have done this for tomato and chilly.

      The store bought dhania will do fine but again we don’t know how good it is. If you need some coriander to start with. I have plenty let me know.
      Regarding stakes.I think you are referrring to the Moss sticks I have. If so, I got it from Pooja garden products in K.R road.

  11. Thanks so much for all the answers, GG.

    Let me do one more try with the coriander – assuming its our present weather to blame. If I am still not successful, I will take up on your offer 🙂 . Thanks a lot.

  12. Hi,
    I followed your steps with some coriander seeds bought from local supermarket and very happy to say that I have two pots with coriander plants growing int it. It took more time to germinate than what you have mentioned( i think around two weeks) but germinate it did. Today used a little for making sambhar also. I’ve always wanted to grow coriander at home because the one’s we buy usually go rotten soon. Thanks to your post I was able to start. Now planning to follow your tips and plant tomato, spinach and brinjal.

    • Hello Amrita,

      I am very happy to hear this. Please keep us posted of your progress on tomato and brinjal too.

      Happy gardening.

  13. Hi GG,

    Thanks for your replies to my earlier comments, sorry I didn’t respond earlier.

    well so I have started out on the coriander, and happy to update that they have started sprouting from around day 12. It’s quite fun to see them keep popping up!

    Unfortunately I have a new ‘situation’ as re my veggie gardening aspirations – monkeys! They popped in to the balcony a couple of weeks back and pretty much put paid to the lovely big dahlia that was standing so resplendent 🙁 So pretty much have given up on trying veggies in pots for now. Would love to create a mini greenhouse / cage kind of thing but don’t have the time and effort resources for that at this time 🙁

    I tried the coriander by putting the container on a ledge in our drawing room that’s next to the balcony door. It would seem like I have only a 50% germination rate at the moment. The seedlings are growing quite tall at the moment and they are yet to get that corinader-shaped leaves. I am a little worried that they are not in direct sunlight and i feel that the leaves are getting a tad yellowish… but hopefully that’s just my paranoia.

    Oh and i tried mint too… rooted some cuttings and put some in water. Both have rooted, now i want to observe how they will grow and propagate…

    That’s my update 🙂


    • Hi Swapna,

      Nice update from you. Good to hear about your success in coriander.

      Ahh those monkeys. Its better to not grow than letting the monkeys take it.
      Mint roots readily in water and in cocopeat as well. I propagate mint this way. Head to the market, buy mint bunch that have thick stems and take the 4inch long stem tip and remove the bottom 2 leaves and stick them into the pro tray ( the one with cavities). I have around 20-25 of them. Put them in a huge polythene bag and keep them in bright location. It 3 days will start growing roots..


  14. I’ve started growing coriander myself after reading this… I didn’t really think your slipper trick would work but it did!

    I’m also soaking the seeds for an hour before I sow them. The trick worked well with my tomatoes and they might work well here too 🙂

    My only worry is the weather in Chennai. I can take the tray into my AC of course, but then no sunlight…let’s see what happens and I’ll report back.

  15. Hi GG, I am based in delhi. I have put coriander seeds in a pot and it has sprouted. the seedlings r almost 2-3 inches now. But after that its not growing much. Shall put some compost to enhance the growth ?

    • Hi Nimisha,

      Lack of growth can be due to many reasons. Is the plant getting good sunlight. Adding compost will help. You can add manure as well..

      • Thanks GG. yes it is getting lotsa sunlight. do u suggest to get direct sunlight ?
        one more basic ques : how to add compost ? Shall I just put a layer of compost in the pot ?
        Whats manure ? and from whr to buy it ?

        • Nimisha,

          As long as it gets good sunlight its enough. Direct sunlight can be scorching during the noon. Compost can be mixed with 2 inches of top soil. Manure is actually decomposed animal waste. Its much stronger and richer in nutrients. Its available in lalbagh. Use just a handful and ensure it is completely decomposed.


  16. Hi GG

    Very good info, stumbled across your site. I tried growing Coriander indoors, seedlings grow very tall and flowers just after a few leaves. The weather is cold outside where I live, so I keep them indoors but they get good light. I didn’t put them in direct sunlight. I understand that direct sunlight is not good for coriander.

    Any tips?


    • Sri,

      Thanks. Direct sunlight is OK for coriander. It is high temperature that will cause bolting. My coriander trays are in direct sunlight(under 35% shade net). High temps cause bolting. Most of the times the leaves are harvested in my house even before it bolts. Just morning sunlight is good too.


  17. My coriander seeds haven’t germinated after one and a half weeks yet 🙁 . I read in some places that it can take 2-3 weeks for them to come up.

    I hope nothing’s wrong. My tomato seeds germinated in just 2 days!

  18. Hi there,
    I’m much of a newbie to the gardening stuff. I’m trying to grow plants on my balcony. While there is enough ambient light in the house/balcony, the balcony gets direct sun only 2 hours during the morning. Have some Brahmi, and I just planted some methi, and it seems to be germinating (yay ! 🙂 ). Will coriander (Lalbagh would have good coriander seeds ?) do well with this light or does it need full sun ? Would like to make a kitchen garden on the balcony.. but I guess most of those plants need a lot of sun ?

    • Lavanya,

      Good to hear that you are starting gardening. Coriander will do just fine. You might not get super duper yield but it will yield. Not all of them need so much sunlight. You can grow palak, lettuce, methi, strawberries, knolkohl etc.


  19. Hi GG !

    I like this website. I’m very fond of gardening. I do terrace gardening in pots. Now I want to start kitchen gardening. I’m planning to start with Tomatoes & Coriander.

    Thanks for your tips.

  20. Good to hear that you are starting gardening. Coriander will do just fine. You might not get super duper yield but it will yield. Not all of them need so much sunlight. You can grow palak, lettuce, methi, strawberries, knolkohl etc.
    Direct sunlight is OK for coriander. It is high temperature that will cause bolting. My coriander trays are in direct sunlight(under 35% shade net). High temps cause bolting. Most of the times the leaves are harvested in my house even before it bolts. Just morning sunlight is good too.

  21. Apart from coriander, I would also like to grow other herbs commonly used in my kitchen such as mint, parsley, basil, thyme, dil, methi. Could you also post techniques for these as well??

  22. hi,
    i tried the dhania thing…
    it takes long time to germintate… more than 2 weeks…
    i didnot split… also my tray is not deeper.
    i have some questions..
    1) why all the seeds don’t grow?. dhania seeds were from stores..
    2)i bought some palnt seeds from lal bagh.. gypso phylla & verbana polka dot mix..ii planted all the seeds.. only one / two have grown….why?
    3) do i need to transplant?

    actually it is your blog which is assuring me that home garden is practical..
    tahnks very much all useful detailed points…

    • Hi,
      Dhania from stores may not grow sometimes as it may not be mature seeds. Transplanting is needed for verbena. if there is only one grown and it is in a bigger pot, no need then.

  23. Hi,

    Very interesting GG, wud definitely try this one. I got a question, where did u get horse manure from? Is it available at lal bagh?

  24. Hi GG…

    I got so inspired after reading your articles. I have tried planting coriander some time back but after they got two-three inches, they started falling off. The stems were never like the ones that we get in the stores. What could be the reason? I planted them in the pot that i bought from the local nursery. I kept them in the West balcony. I have no idea of compost or anything that you referred in you post. Where can i get these things? I live in Hulimavu, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore. Can you please suggest some stores where I can get these compost, trays etc?
    Please respond. Thanks a lot. You are doing your part to keep the earth green n not stopping just there. Your posts are very inspiring and encouraging others to follow the same. I really appreciate it.
    It would be better if you can start few pages with the basic stuff like what do u need to know to start gardening, growing small plants, mixing the soil, green house etc if time permits.


  25. hi,
    i planted coriander seeds about 10 days ago..nothing happened u know.
    i put it in a big container about 100 seeds, watered them regularly had enough sunlight.
    any suggestions

  26. Thanks for a wonderful and enlightening site. I am in South Africa and after visiting an elderly (84 year) relative at the beginning of the month was amazed at all the herbs, fruit and vegetables that he was growing in boxes, pots and in the ground. Not to mention the chickens. I googled and came up with your site and while not new to gardening, It gave me additional motivation. My dhania is as always taking longer to germinate – its been 9 days, while the methi is coming up quite strongly. My mom advised that I soak the methi seeds for 48 hours before planting. Looking forward to a good crop. Thanks again.

  27. Hello Everybody…

    I did not read all the comments, and hence not sure if anybody has pointed out this possible ” No Germination” root cause.
    The coriander seeds available commecially in most of your grocery shops are boiled. I don’t know the reason, why they do it. So, the seeds are already dead. They won’t germinate, no matter how hard you try.

    In my childhood, we used to grow coriander in our farm in Ratnagiri district ( Konkan) exactly same way. But, we used leather chappals in those days. There was a belief that if you use left chappal, result would be better!!.

    The boiled coriander seeds look more yellowish than greenish.

    You may buy coriander seeds from nurseries, but may be very expensive…300 to 500 rs/kg.


  28. Hi, very nice post,i would like to admit that I first visited your webpage around a month ago and am motivated to start gardening myself. I have just sown some chilli seeds a month ago they have germinated and I feel that they need to be transplanted, kindly help me with the process and also the soil and manure used for the same.

  29. Hi,
    I am very very new to gardening and am currently in Pune. Got a few questions.

    1) Is this a good season to grow Coriander.
    2) Where Can i get the kind of tray you are using for Growing Coriander.
    3) Where Can i get cocopeat? Will I get it in any Nursery?

    • Any season u can grow coriander
      Heavy rains r bad.

      Trays u can get in department stores

      Any big nursery will have corporation. Or u can buy online via snap deal like websites.

  30. Hi,

    I have been trying to grow coriander, and have one pot, where I have started getting some leaves. But the problem is half of them are dying out due to some reason, after it reaches certain height. I can still harvest some of the leaves, but isn’t there a way to save all of them? I also find it hard to water the plan (though I have the spray can), as the plant tends to tilt a bit after watering.

  31. Hi GG!
    I wanted your opinion on the possibility of using coriander in a vertical garden. The base medium will be some form of wool or felt with nutrients supplied externally (dissolved in water). Do suggest other plants that can be harvested easily in a vertical garden.
    Please refer to I’m thinking about something like this but on a smaller scale.


  32. Hi GG,
    I am a spice and Herb fun and recently i got an idea of growing my own at home. following your advice i planted coriander seeds and am glad to tell you that after 2 weeks, they have germinated successfully with about 90%. i have also managed to sprout onions, carrots and ginger. at the moment, am having problems sprouting cumin, cardamom and red papper. pliz give me some advise. am living in Uganda (tropics)

    • Hi Vince,

      Nice to hear that you had good success in coriander. For the other seeds you mentioned you couldn’t germinate, were the seeds speciicaly meant for sowing purposes or culinary purposes. Sometimes the ones that are in the kitchen are harvested too soon. If they are “seeds” for sowing..then check out their ideal temp for germination. you can also use a moist tissue paper to wrap them and do a germination test. What is the temperature like?


      • Hi GG, thanks for the quick reply, as you mentioned above, i think am having problems with these other seeds because they were meant for the kitchen and not for sowing. problem is that getting seeds that are meant for sowing for such spices in not easy in my country since they are not common here. the temperature here is around 70f and below in most cases. but i will not give up, with lots of efforts, i will sprout those spices and will keep you posted. keep up the good work

  33. Hi gg,

    I tried to grow coriander in pots twice but failed miserably both times. I bought the seed from the local grocery store in bangalore. I split the seeds as mentioned before planting. I did not however soak them overnight, i planted them immediately after splitting.
    Am I doing something wrong? Is there any specific store I can get coriander seeds that grow in bangalore? I did search in Lal bagh 2 weeks ago but did not find coriander seeds… 🙁

    • Usually the store bought coriander seeds don’t germinate because of the early picking or some processing that the seed goes through. I have coriander seeds that do germinate. you can collect it from me sometime.

      • Hi gg,

        Can you let me know how to collect the seeds from u? I stay close to bg road… I saw a shop in Vijaya Bank Layout called GardenGuru… is it yours? coz their website redirects me here 🙂

        • Hi Anupama,

          Nice of you to have checked it out.. Yes it is mine and it will be ready in couple of weeks. 😀

          You can collect it anyday. send me a PM@ and I will give you the seeds. After couple of weeks, you can directly get it from the store as well 🙂


  34. I have just put some seeds(without splitting) in a big pot(gamla) today.have watered it also.I just wanted to know how much water(mug-bath mug) should be given daily?

  35. Nice article, Is it neccesary to soak the splited seeds in water for 12 hours befor sowing them?

  36. Hi GG,

    I have tried the Coriander experiment 3 times now – Once in garden direct soil, 2 times in pots.
    Each time the coriander grows very well (very fragrant leaves – tastes lovely too) but bolts when it is about 2 and 1/2 inches high. So I need to harvest when plant is fairly young.
    I have tried ensuring shade, ensuring that the soil doesn’t dry out – nothing helps.
    I am using normal store bought coriander seeds ( for cooking ) – Is it because of the seed quality?

  37. Hello GG,

    I have sowed the coriander seed as you said in this website, but even after 1 week it is not germinating. Please guide me.

  38. hi gg,
    very happy to c ur site… its really encouraging.. i want to grow coriander.. yesterday i sowed some seeds which i kept for cooking and placed it in my kitchen window…im living in temperate is really high..nearly 60 degree c… will my seeds germinate and grow..i hav placed my pot in shady area..i is getting sunlight only in the noon time..will this work…pls suggest me some ideas..

  39. Hi GG,
    We are also trying coriander. Unfortunately, the temperature is not less than 30-35 even now in the monsoon. Light is powerful and bright sometimes. Potting medium is some mycorrhizal fertilizer in cocopeat and some vermicompost. Have also added some diluted biofertilizer with humic acid. Just planted 2 days back. Any ideas on how to balance the sun and the heat?

  40. Hi Geek,

    Where I can get the trays like the one you have used ? As well please do tell, whether you have used any manure ?

  41. So, I did everything that you said and now I have a lot of leaves sprouting in my pot! Now many of the mini-plants have grown taller than what I see in picture 2 and some of them have fallen down 🙁 Did I goof up somewhere? Or in some days my coriander will be as beautiful as yours?

  42. Hi,

    I tried splitting the seeds as you explained and sowed them some 10 days back but to my dismay they have not yet germinated. I am from Goa. Can It grow here in Goa ?? Would appreciate if you could help me.

  43. hi gg!
    loved ur description on growing coriander at home. i would like to try it out at my home also.i have sown some coriander seeds in a pot .but i have placed the pot in a shaded corner of my the seeds need strong ,direct sunlight to fall on them to fasten he germination process?

  44. hi dear geekgardener.

    am from kanyakumari.. kulasekharam…. am very much interested in vegg gardening , succesfully growing tomatoes , red spinach(red ,green mixed varieties commonly known sivappu keerai ) ladysfinger , chillies , brinjal etc.. i started growing (trying) corriander leaves from seeds.. tried a lot but ,, no way i havent seen a single seed germinationg , followed all ur instructions. but …… hmm, plese help me grow some coriander , coz i love them much mixing a lot of it with curd .. plzz

    i follow ur blog religiously when i have doubts with regard to some of the plants that are growing in my garden… some day back i just happened to search for this post when i stumbled upon this page (html mentioned above)… i immediately recognized the pics (from ur blog) and got confused. the worst part… the pics are the same (the container and the way pics are taken cant be a coincidence).. i do hope u take the matter with the other blog individual and see that u get due credit for the work that u did!! (the pics have been marked by the other blog with his page html)the work it takes to grow, picture the growth to everything is real hard work (don’t we all know it).. waiting for more from ur blog

  46. hiiii gg

    Gone through your blog and its really nice
    I love to grow plants particularly in pots as they are quite easy to take care of.
    So plz give some tips regarding how to chose actual seeds those having good smell,


  47. Thank you for the information provided. I have one question in my mind. Yesterday, by chance I bought coriander seeds hoping to sow them but when I reached home I checked the seeds packet, I saw that the seeds were valid from March 2012-June 2013, today is 3rd August 2013 and I have sowed them. They were about 80-100 seeds. Now, I am confused that since the seeds had expired, would they grow or not???

  48. Hi GeekGardener

    I am starting my terrace gardening, and I have thought of starting with coriander and Chillies. for now, can you help me get started with coriander ? I am from Pune, Can you share how should I start? I mean what container should I use ? Should I buy rectangular tubs ? But that would not have any hole at the bottom ? Where to get the soil ? Can I buy it from somewhere? I am ready to spend money on these raw materials , but it woudl be a little tough for me to prepare things at home . Can I buy most of the stuff and get started 🙂

    Please help me get started.


    • Hi Manish,

      Welcome to the world of gardening. you can start with coriander from the kitchen. If that doesn’t germinate, then you can buy a pack of coriander seeds from a agarden store neaby or from . You can get soil from nursery or cocopeat from me/nursery. Add 50:50 compost and cocopeat/soil. You are good to go.

      good luck

  49. Very enthusiastic article for newbies! While checking my pin under ‘Garden’ I just came across ur pin. Super!!

  50. I am newbie to gardening. Just going to start from tomorrow my first kitchen garden. I bought red soil and organic compost today and starting with Cordiander, Methi, Mint. I don’t have coco peat.But I cannot wait to buy 🙂 Your blog is very informative.Thanks for sharing information.

  51. Hi GG,
    I bought the coriander seeds from gardenguru store online and sowed few of them in the container. Well germinated and grew to around 2 inches height. This morning I saw few plants have bent and leaves of those bent plants are looking pale. There is a good amount of direct sun (around 2 hours in the morning) falls on the plant. I am afraid to shift it to the terrace due to the whole day sun. I assume the plant will not bear it. Ca you please suggest me the best way to protect the plants. I have some more seeds I want to sow after I get a suggestion from you.
    thanks for all the support.
    regards – Meera.

  52. Hi, GG
    Your explanation looks pretty simple but i have tried this a number o times and failed miserably , the seeds didnt germinate at all. can we use the seeds which we use for cooking or is there any specific seeds ? pls let me know

  53. Hi GG,
    I have tried twice n failed. The first time I had used store coriander while the 2nd time I had used home seeds but didn’t work. The second time, a few sprouted. But the few that grew were thin n sad. I am wondering is my pot size wrong. What is the right size to use. Currently mine is bat 15 inch long, 5 inc wide n abt 8 inc deep. Please suggest

  54. Im so happy to have found your blog! I have recently started gardening and I have been enjoying it so much, I want to do it more seriously, even though I have limited avenues in terms of space to actually pot plants. Right now, I have already potted mint and it’s growing nicely.

    Which vegetables would you recommend me to start with since Im a completely newbie, and also at max have space for 3 large pots at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated!

  55. Hi, thanks forthe information on dhania. It is very helpful. Is there an alternate to coco peat? Plain matti will work instead?

  56. Hi GG,

    Can you please help me know how much it should be watered and how often. is every day in morning okay???

    I have sowed it two days back and watered it only once.

    Please advice.

  57. Hlo
    Thanks for d tips but their is a problem that I have to deposit d plant on Monday and today is Saturday . can u plz help me in this case ………
    Pleaseeeeeeeeee itscan humble request

  58. Hi GG

    Your website has become a starting point for most of the home gardens that exist today ! Its wonderful to see your posts and the kind of detailing you give w.r.t gardening/sowing/harvesting.
    Well, I am super inspired by your website and started a small terrace garden at my house. My coriander does not seem to germinate at all. I have one pot with growth material in the sun and have shaded them with a cotton fabric and another inside my house in a room. Both does not seem to germinate and its almost 10 days now !

    • Hi Aishwarya,
      Coriander seeds can be little difficult to germinate depending on where the seeds are sourced from. If it is straight from the kitchen, there is a chance that it may have been processed. Buy coriander seeds from a garden store and use that . It should germinate. Seeds from grocery stores are dried so well to remove moisture so that they store well. They may not germinate all the time.

  59. Hi you’ve so much patience to answer each one of us. Anyway here’s mine. It is Sep beginning & dhania is still not given free by my veg vendor so that means the crop isn’t so abundantly growing yet. Is it the right time to sow it in Delhi? When is the right time? I’ve a small front yard, will they grow well? Or I buy trays.

  60. Hi GG,

    Thanks for the very interesting post, very inspiring indeed.

    I tried to plant cilantro now for the second time. Actually the seeds germinate very quickly, and some weak sprouts begin to grow. As I planted them in a pot on my window bench, they are following the sunlight and get twisted, after a while they grow bended but don’t develop any further… Do you have any idea about what I am doing wrong? Thanks!!!!

  61. My coriander plant does not grow tall, though I get good leaves. Is it true that it will grow in height once you simply start plucking leaves

  62. Hi gg,

    Thanks for your article. The slipper trick worked for my plant. I have decently blooming coriander plant now. But when should I cut it to use? at the base of the plant all the stems are joined making a delicate network so im afraid to cut the stems. Please advise how to cut them and how soon?

  63. Hi GG,

    Your writing is so inspiring. Have just taken up gardening and site is a wealth of info.

    About growing coriander, the one thing I see on the surface of the potting mix after following your steps is white hairy fungus like growth at places where some coriander seeds that didn’t get fully sown. Is that a problem? Will this affect the ones that have been sown?

    Ive been trying grow coriander for 3 weeks, each week trying something new with a new batch of seeds but no luck. This week I’m trying your method 🙂

    Let me if I’m going wrong somewhere. I used coco peat, vermiculture mix and red soil to make my potting mixture.


  64. Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break.
    I love the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.

    I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my
    phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G
    .. Anyways, very good blog!

  65. hi , i did the same but my seeds didn’t even germinate, any idea on how to make sure they germinate.While germination , do i need to put them indoors or outdoors

  66. Hi,

    I chanced upon your website and really liked it! I am surely going to follow your website regularly now.

    Very nice post about growing coriander. I have one question – after a harvest of coriander, will the plants re-grow or do we need to plant seeds afresh? When harvesting should we cut only the leaves or take them out from the roots


    • Good question ashwini.
      There are two varieties of coriander. One is the our “Natti” or native variety and the other one is hybrid. Native one can be cut only once. but the hybrid one is called ‘multi-cut’. What is the seed source?

  67. I am in chennai and tried growing corinder. The seeds germinate but did not sustain and die in the initial stages itself. Can you please advise how to sustain and grow it.

  68. What does the seed within look like? When I break open the fruit there are two empty cavities. Perhaps explains an extremely low germination rate.

  69. Hi GG,
    I have an acre and half of garden space idle with enough water and sunlight around. Its March in Bangalore. Retiring soon and thinking of growing vegetables and fruit trees. I really don’t have a plan how to begin this thing. Request some basic tips. I’ll pick up the strings from there. For the start I am looking at lime, papaya, tomatoes,beans, potatoes, garlic and ginger. I am confident to succeed with coriander after going through your tips and feedback from your friends.Also please guide me on growing onions. Thank you.

    • You must be lucky. There are lot of things one can do with 1.5 acres of land. Get started and dont worry about mistakes. If you are planning to market the produce, do required homework on marketing. Otherwise it is quite easy to get going. Where is your land located ?

  70. hi there, first of all nice post. i’m trying to start my hydroponics on tomato or coriander in 1 acre of land using NFT system, i have everything i need. Which of the two plants would you recommend to grow depending on the market?

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