How to grow Zinnia Flowers and Zinnia Care Zinnia flowers (Zinnia Elegans) are very colorful and an addition to your garden that it will make it vibrant. With so many different colors and growing habits such as tall and dwarf, planting zinnias in your garden is worth it. In this article, you will learn how […]
First part of this series got tremendous response that I am writing the second part much sooner than I thought. Can’t keep you guys waiting! Ok. Assuming all the required materials for starting or sowing seeds are available, we shall see how to do the seed starting it self. Call it what you want, seed […]
Cherry tomato is one crop I don’t get bored growing. Long trusses of fruits hanging all over the plant is just a pleasant sight to look at. I leave the tomatoes to ripen on the vine. So they taste a lot sweeter when they are harvested. The cherry tomatoes that feature in this video are […]
Some of you might wonder, Why am i writing a post on spinach. Growing spinach is the easiest thing right? Yes and that is exactly the reason why this post. Growing spinach is the best way to make your way into gardening. Spinach is very forgiving, quick to grow and mature and we all like […]
Growing Tomatoes in grow bags Whenever I see a commercial greenhouse or farm, I always get this feeling..”why can’t we grow plants like they do?”. The moment this thought comes in, you start paying attention to details. You try to do everything the right way and see if you can perfect the art. My goal […]
Gardening is all about choice. You get to choose what you want to grow, how you want to grow and where you want to grow. For apartment dwellers, the choice of place to grow is very limited and that is when containers come for rescue. Ok! now we have pots of all sizes and materials […]
The harvests from your kitchen garden are always priceless though it is a vegetable thats available very cheap in stores outside; though you spent a lot on growing it than what its worth.. Though its available in plenty. But the Joy goes one level higher if you start growing something that you dont get outside […]
Ever since I started growing vegetable in my container garden, flowers and ornamental plants took a back seat. And everytime I visit garden stores, I end up buying lots of flower seed packets and realize that I dont have enough containers to plant them. But now I got some more new containers/pots. So its party […]
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