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This weekend, the following products are available for purchase. There are seeds, seedlings and the much awaited Panchagavya. This time there is a special entry. Fresh lettuce that is. You can come to the garden, pick the lettuce you need and it will be cut right in front you.. fresh. Limited stock hence on first come first serve basis


  • Panchagavya




  • Seeds and Seedlings

    • Hungarian Yellow wax Seedlings [ Bajji Pepper]
    • Black beauty brinjal seedlings
    • Green chillies
    • Cabbage
    • All other vegetable seeds.


Garden-Jan25 004

  • Cocopeat

  • Fresh lettuce for sale

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The location for purchase is http://tinyurl.com/geekgardener
Preferred timings: 10AM-2PM 3PM-6PM

Happy gardening.

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Basket full of Container grown veggies

In one of my previous post, I mentioned that I bring a brinjal or two along with me when I return from morning watering my plants. That changed today! First, I started collecting with my hands, but little did I realize that no way my hands are going to handle so much yield that awaits plucking. With a basket in hand, I started plucking…

MyGarden 697

You can see Black beauty, White brinjal ( This is why the name Eggplant).Tomato, local variety and chery and few Podland pink tomatoes sprinkled on top of white brinjal.

MyGarden 701

Just the brinjals. Look at the diversity. You know, the purple brinjal plant has purple flowers and the white one has white flowers and few of them have purple. Sometimes nature is a mystery!.

The some of white brinjal were taken for cooking and boy! was it creamy. I think we have enough brinjal for the next two weeks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All the harvest you see here are container grown. The largest container is 20L and most of them are in 8-10L containers.

More later.


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Container grown Eggplants – Black Beauty

While the image of fresh brinjals from my last post on eggplants Red, White and Green still green in my mind, there is another batch of brinjal plants getting ready for harvest. The variety that I am growing now is Black Beauty.

When I went for vegetable shopping a while back I saw this huge black beauty weighing almost a Kilogram. It was priced at Rs 25-30 a Kg. This was enough push for me to start sowing black beauty in my own container garden. With some local searching I was able to get the seeds that said “Black Beauty”.

The seeds were sown like usual in trays and transplanted into containers. Then Magic happens and you will have something like this …

MyGarden 611MyGarden 615

I can hear you saying “Come on! this isn’t black beauty?!” “Its more like purple?”. I too am wondering. May be its the lack of direct sunlight for long hours? May be I was taken for a ride by the seed seller? I dont know.

I was expecting a 1kg brinjal from my plant. This one was about 300 gms. But that doesn’t bother me.

One might notice a brown scar on that brinjal’s base. This brinjal was growing so low in a container that it started touching the ground. I had to remove some soil to make room for it to grow and there was a small stone that made its mark on this brinjal. I was shocked to see that spot as I didn’t want this brinjal to be infested with worms. No way.

Totally I had 10 plants of this variety but I had only 3-4 big containers . Hence the rest of the plants had to adjust with whatever container they got..

MyGarden 620

Look at this plant below, that is so happily growing in a polythene bag. Its that simple. You don’t need great containers. A simple thick polythene bag will serve the purpose. I was looking for a black polythene bag but then this one is much thicker than the black ones available in the market.You can see a small brinjal that is growing near the base.

MyGarden 629

There are other vegetables that I am growing right now. Red cabbage, Bitter gourd to name a few.

Let me finish give a spicy ending to this post.

MyGarden 609

Ornamental chillies in a 4 inch pot!.

More later


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Red, White and Green

No, Its not about a flag or its color. This title is about my latest harvest from the terrace container garden.

I have 3 container with White Brinjal growing in them. By the looks of it, it was very clear why the name eggplant was given to it. But As I gave time to the plant for its fruits to grow, I ended up fruits of the size of an egg.. an ostrich egg…. I actually got 2 batches of the harvest in a weeks gap.

This guy was the biggest of all.













Batch 1:

The “Eggs” were really soft and had an amazing taste.













Batch 2: We have the red, we have the white and there is green ๐Ÿ˜‰

By the way, dont start praising and give credit to the eggplant for bearing a Nokia cellphone. I just threw it in there to make the size of the veggies more sensible. The tomatoes and the chilles are from the garden too.












Tomatos are no less and are competing with the eggplant..












I am sowing Okra this week in 10 containers. WIll keep posted of the progress..

till then…


NOTE: Now the pics are taken by my good-old Nokia 6600. Bear with the quality and the clarity.

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Seed starting Tomatoes, Chillies and Egg plant

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on seed starting tomatoes, chilli and egg plant. I have been recording information on that at every possible stage. I sowed them on 12th of October and we are 15 days from that point now.

First I will go over the varieties I planted and then the details on each of them.


Cherry Tomato F1 Hybrid:

Ever since I came back from US, I have been craving for cherry tomatoes. I have checked nearly countless shops for cherry tomato seeds; over the phone; in person, you name it. And after I came to know the price of it(INR 900/100gms), I had a shock and I almost gave up on it. Then I casually went to Indo-American Hybrid Seeds to buy some pots and on the way I saw a shop called National Seeds(Very close to INDAM Seeds). I had a feeling that I should try one last time in this shop and Bingo! they have it. Cherry tomatoes!! Yes.. 1gms for INR 80. Not bad.. not bad at all. I immediately picked up a packet and reached home back with a Happy Face ๐Ÿ˜€

This cherry tomato is an indeterminate variety. So It will reach more than 6 feet in height and will keep beariing fruits throughout the year.

Indam – Naveen:

This is another indeterminate variety of a normal sized tomato. Wanted to grow indeterminate variety this time hence this. These varieties are not really meant for Container growing. But hey, what the heck, Lets break some rules. I have already made arrangements for the containers. This time I am going for huge 20Litre Paint buckets and since these fellas grow as tall as i am .. I have bought some stakes as well.

Indan – Rupali:

This is a determinate variety that was loyal to me lasttime by its amazing produce in container, so included that as well.

Eggplant (Brinjal) :

This is the variety that got the name egg plant for brinjal. This is a F1 hybrid variety.

Chilli(long variety):

This one is a long variety from Indam. Chilli plants are perfect for a container and trust me! if you have one plant, you will never have to shop for chilli and everytime you need one, you have a few that you can pluck from the plant and use it.

So Let me end the text here and let the pictures speak.

Seed packets:

Top left- Indam – Naveen Tomato

Top Right- Eggplant (Now you know why)

Bottom left- Cherry tomaotes

Bottom right- Need i mention that?


Seed starting:


The medium I used to start these seeds are peat + Perlite ( in the ration 3:1). I didnt add any fertilizer to the mix. The plan was to fertilize the plants with a weak solution after they show true leaves.

Moist medium ready to take seeds:


12th October:Seeds are sown and Labelled ( yes labelling is important esp when i have 3 varieties of same plant)


19th October: 7 days later they peek out. From the right-left Indam Rupali, Cherry tomato, Indam Naveen, Chilli, Eggplant, Zinnia.


27th October: 15days after it was sown. Tomatoes were the first, then came zinnia and later egg plant, then comes the chilli finishing last. Tomatoes are having a set of true leaves and they will remain in this 2.5″ square pots until they are ready to be transplanted into 20L paint bucket.


This is what I have been doing last couple weeks. In the next couple of weeks, these seedlings will grow and more work to pot all of them into bigger pots.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Green Diwali ๐Ÿ™‚

More later


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