I always had a thought that the pictures I take using my Nokia 6600 dont do justice to the actual […]
Its almost a month since I planted those spinach seeds and I thought I will post some pictures today. As […]
Spinach was in my list since quite sometime so I wanted to start spinach as the first thing after i […]
Before folks go into thinking that this blog is dormant… let me break this silence. I didnt blog here for […]
Its been raining on and off here in Bangalore. Its kind of good for me since I dont have to […]
I had written about basal canes and how to make your rose plants produce more basal canes. Basal canes are […]
Yes, Not just my plants now i am going organic and eco friendly too. I successfully stopped using my bike […]
Nothing like watching your stem cuttings root 😉 Yes the results are out!. I had a peek at the mini-green […]
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